History meets Science
Who killed Alexander the Great?
Atlantic Productions for Discovery Channel   

Scotland Yard detective, John Grieve, leads and international team of experts investigating the suspicious death of Alexander in 323 BC
Writer / Director  
'Spaceships and Aliens'   &   'Living in the Future'
2 x 1 hour  in four-part series on the history and influence of Science Fiction in the 20th Century
Satel Doc Ltd for  The Learning Channel (USA)
NHK (Japan) and Canal Plus (France). 
Broadcast on Channel 4
The Claw 
Ancient Superweapons 
Writer / Director 
Darlow Smithson for Discovery Channel 

A team of American engineers reconstruct Archimedes’ Claw. Could this weapon have sunk a fleet of Roman Galleys 2200 years ago?
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