Chris Lethbridge

TV Producer/  Director

& Writer/ Storyline Consultant 

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In over 60 hours of entertaining and informative TV documentaries, I have explored both history and science, ranging from the Ancient Greeks to the Cold War, from the inventions of Archimedes to the future of Surgery.

As well as producing and directing programmes with many top UK Indies for broadcasters around the world, I also founded and managed my production company, Bonza TV, making three international series for Discovery Channel UK / EMEA worth over £1.5 million.

More Industrial Revelations 

with Mark Williams 

10 x 30 mins 

More Industrial Revelations, Europe 

with Ronald Top 

10 x 30 mins

Inventing History 

with Ronald Top

10 x 30 mins

Bonza TV’s Core team  

Chris Lethbridge - Executive Producer/ Director

Tom Adams - Series Producer 

Anthony Burton - Historical Consultant

Richard Nash - Writer/ Director & Development 

Rosie Allsop - Production Manager 

Louise McCance-Price - Coordinator

Peter Harvey - Lighting Cameraman 

Ian Lynn - Music 

Kristine Juergensen - Associate Producer

Nathalie Lethbridge - Commercial 

& Business Affairs